My situation was an endless loop! Till I met Sheila

When I first heard about Virtual Gastric Band I suspect about its’ success because I know very well that controlling appetite is not just about size of your stomach. In my case especially – Insuline Resistance and Reactive Hypoglisemia – means you are gonna get hungry when you eat! and your body’s high insuline levels help your fat tissue to increase!!!! Thanks to my sweet tooth my situation was an endless loop! Till I met Sheila:))) . Well English is not my native language besides I live in Turkey not in UK anymore….Upps! Giving a try to Skype wasn’t sound too bad so I’ve met Sheila online. Voila! It works perfectly. I’m at home laying on my good comfy bed and hearing her very easily. More than this all sessions tailored to my own personal and medical conditions. After 2 sessions no more crazy sweet cravings:)) I can eat everything and I loose weight in my pace – without pain of strict diets! What else can I ask? Icecream? mmmm nope maybe later maybe next week or next mounth:))) I don’t feel I wanna eat it:)).

Fantastic training and post-training support

I was down 5 pounds in the first week of attending Sheila’s training – I lost 6 pounds in four months going to Weight Watchers! I love this program because it’s so easy, nothing to count or track and I am not focused on food at all! I can’t thank Sheila enough for her fantastic training and post-training support!

A big increase in my business

We have netted around $9000 since starting this in October. It is a great example of something being off my radar. I was programming for a big increase in my business and I knew nothing about you and your VGB. This is the most elegant piece of hypnosis that I have seen since Milton Erickson.

I used to be 20 stone

I’ve always struggled with my weight. I used to crave potatoes, bread and all things fatty until I hit 20 stone and started to worry about my health. After Sheila’s VGB therapy I saw a difference very quickly and stopped eating almost overnight. I’ve lost more than three stone in just a few months and I no longer want to eat fatty or starchy food.

I have already earned back my investment

My Skype meetings with Sheila were a great experience and really added to the value of the class. All my weight loss clients are losing and I was able to modify her program for a smoker who is going on three weeks now without smoking. I have also earned back my investment on the VGB training!

Clients bounce in to my office like a new person

Sheila is fabulous! I’ve never learned so much from anybody like I’ve learned from watching her video set. My first weight loss client lost 12 pounds, using the gastric band technique, in her first week and she bounced into my office like a new person, what a gift. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Before Sheila’s training we were contemplating a career change

The combined weight loss of my clients so far is 1,680 kilos. The VGB program has helped our business grow. Before Sheila’s training, we were contemplating a career change into another business; however the response has been phenomenal, and has enabled us to continue with our passion of helping people through hypnotherapy, a modality which we both love.

I’ve dropped five dress sizes in 18 months

My biggest weakness was chocolate. I’d tried lots of diets but always piled the weight back on. Thanks to Sheila I’ve dropped five dress sizes in 18 months and I’m halfway to my dream weight of 13 stone. I’m more confident and positive and I’m starting to find things easier to do. I definitely don’t touch chocolate now and just the thought of it turns my stomach.

I’ve gone from having 10 enquires a week to 100 in one day

It’s very pleasing to know that the men and women of NZ now know there’s an alternative to surgery and the drudgery of dieting. I’ve gone from having 10 enquires a week to 100 in one day! I can’t thank Sheila enough for her support, guidance and ongoing enthusiasm.

I’ve lost 61lbs and helped 46 others lose weight

Sheila is one of the greatest blessings that I am so grateful for this year! Her program helped me obtain health goals I didn’t even know were possible for me personally – I’ve lost 61 pounds now! And thanks to the hypnotherapy training, I’ve been able to help 46 others lose weight and counting.