Desperate to look and feel better but fed up of trying diet after diet that just doesn’t work?

Don’t despair – read this instead!

My ‘No More Diets’ book will ensure you achieve your goal without ever having to go near one again!

By the end of it, I promise you will believe you are capable of changing not just what you eat, but how you feel about yourself as a result. A healthier, better you is just a few pages away

This book isn’t even about your body; it’s about your mind.

I know what you’re thinking: “If it’s not about the way I look and you’re not going to give me a slimming plan, why on earth bother to read it?”

Because, like many of the clients who come to my hypnotherapy clinics, you’ve probably devoured more diet and weight loss books than you’ve had hot dinners – literally! You maybe have lost weight in the past – you felt great about it, but deep down you knew this was a battle with yourself that you were unlikely to win. Keeping the weight off has been a constant struggle; the daily denial and guilty lapses, the calorie counting and slavish (sometimes frankly crazy) devotion to diet advice have sapped your strength. All you’ve succeeded in doing is becoming more obsessed with food. Sound familiar?

I pioneered Virtual Gastric Band (VGB) therapy in the UK because I wanted to change the narrative about diet and weight loss. I wanted to get people thinking about outcomes rather than the diet journey itself – and, above all, I wanted them to believe it is possible to get to where and who they want to be, in a way that lasts and genuinely changes lives.

It’s called Virtual Gastric Band therapy because it has the same physical impact on what you eat as bariatric surgery, but it is achieved by changing your mindset, not rearranging your digestive system.

For the first time, I’ve captured the essence of the VGB in book form, so that even more people can experience its transformational power.

What’s inside

  1. An introduction to VGB therapy and how it works
  2. Understand what kind of eater you are, and what to do about it
  3. Become more aware of the root causes of your food obsession
  4. Learn to listen to your body and control what you consume
  5. Inspiration from stories of people who’ve achieved their transformation, to help you be good when you’re in danger of faltering
  6. The process of hypnosis and what you can expect
  7. Exercises to try, that will help you understand your triggers and build a better relationship with food.

Read it cover to cover or dip in and out, but by the time you complete it, I promise to have turned you into a believer. You CAN and WILL overcome your ‘weight’ problem.

You’re not alone

This isn’t a self-help book in the strictest sense. That’s because all my professional practice as a hypnotherapist over many years tells me that we can’t unlock our full potential by ourselves. If you want to achieve what I believe you are capable of achieving (and what, by the end of this book, YOU will believe you are capable of achieving), you need a real person to help you put into practice what you read.

That’s why No More Diets! contains links to details of my international network of accredited practitioners so that you can find the right person to take you through my VGB therapy alongside the book and make that change.

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