Bonny Beaupre

Bonny Beaupre has been a certified hypnotist since 2012 and a certified instructor since 2015 through the National Guild of Hypnotists. Bonny owns a Hypnosis school called Maritime Institute of Hypnosis where she operates it out of Nova Scotia Canada. She teaches several programs, namely the certification course in hypnosis/hypnotherapy, she also is qualified to teach the Susan Granger Virtual Gastric Band Program.

Bonny has many hobbies some of which are soap making, knitting and pottery. She is happily married with two children and her husband just recently became certified as a hypnotist via Bonny!

Her website is

Monique T. Racine

As a new hypnotist I had heard of Sheila and the Virtual Gastric Band program she pioneered and knew somehow that I was going to get my hands on it. (No small feet as she lived and practised in England!)
The more I heard about the program the more intrigued I became, as I myself had struggled with weight and dieting since my early teens and on through my entire life. I knew that the solution for me was NOT dieting…after all I had tried just about any you can think of.
When Sheila was announced to be speaking at our local hypnosis convention in Burlington in Oct 2014, I jumped at the chance to meet her and train in VGB. The results, for me, where immediate and amazing! Not only did I begin eating less at dinner that first night, but it continued on I was able to release 55 lbs in the following year. It was one of the easiest things I’ve ever done!
By the time Sheila and I met up again at the following years convention, VGB had become the focus of my practice and I running groups and personal sessions with my own clients and achieving some amazing results.
I’m thrilled with the changes, both in me and my clients, and as a result have become one of Sheila’s Virtual Gastric Band trainers here in Canada to bring the program to anyone who wants to catapult their own practice to the next level and carry this wonderful program to so many people looking for a SOLUTION to their weight issues.